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The Next Ragged University Events...

9th October Edinburgh Ragged University: Come along to the Counting House at 7pm to hear ‘Slow Leadership; Reframing Your Leadership Behaviour' by Don Ledingham - plus - ‘Welcome to the Mid-life Revolution' by Andy Ferguson....

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16th October Manchester Ragged University: Come along to the Castle Hotel at 7pm to listen to Simon Ward talk about '‘The Ragged Schools of Angel Meadow' - plus - 'Exploring the Dream of the Earth; my first person inquiry of discovery and understanding' by Helena Kettleborough....

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13th November Edinburgh Ragged University: Come along to the Counting House at 7pm to listen to ‘3D Printing: no-hype, promise, just extraordinary art and design!’ by Ann Marie Shillito - plus - 'Cerebral Diabetes and the Reversal of the Flynn Effect' by Mike McInnes....

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We produce quality materials for mathematics instruction, including textbooks (both print and electronic) videos, online homework, and worksheets. We want students to buy new copies of our textbooks and keep them for reference for courses they will take later in their college careers. Math TV has free online resources available to everyone at any time.



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The Plebs League in the NE of England 1908/1926 By Robert Turnbull B.A

The stated aim of the Ruskin rebels who included Noah Ablett of the South Wales Miners Federation and Ebby Edwards of the Northumberland Miners Association was to “Bring about a more satisfactory relationship between Ruskin and the wider Labour movement. Their motto was “Educate, agitate and organise”.

Their philosophy that of IWCE or Independent Working Class Education, or to put it another way an education that was perceived to be free from the pernicious influence of the bourgeoisie, and the leading educational institutions of the time. Continue reading this article “The Plebs League in the NE of England 1908/1926 By Robert Turnbull B.A” »

Developing Social Capital: From Promises to Knowledge Exchange

This paper was written and presented by Alex Dunedin and Susan Brown at the Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change (CRESC) Annual Conference 2012.  The theme of the conference was ‘Promises: Crisis and Socio-Cultural Change’.  It was held at Manchester University.

We were invited to present the Ragged project at their 8th annual conference and contribute to the dialogue as an informal education project which seeks to bring about positive social change.  The theme of it was ‘Promises: Crisis and Socio-Cultural Change’….

Continue reading this article “Developing Social Capital: From Promises to Knowledge Exchange” »

A Dynamic Asperger Arts Project by David Seagrave

I have written the texts of 2 pamphlets HANDLING ELEMENTARY CAMERAS and TROSSACHS PHOTOHIKES These require illustrations I can provide MONOCHROME enlargements taken with different types of elementary cameras for the first booklet and also monochrome enlargements to illustrate most of the Hikes in “Trossachs Photohikes “

Somewhere in my document mines I have factsheets explaining monochrome development , enlarging photographic optics the effects of filters operation of roll film cameras semi adjustable cameras fully adjustable German all metal cameras and the Zenith single lens reflex cameras Continue reading this article “A Dynamic Asperger Arts Project by David Seagrave” »

How The Ragged Uni Idea Came About by Grant Crozier

Sometime in 2010 Alex Dunedin, Jessica Haley, Will Bentinck and I met up for a pint, because Al had had an Idea.

The idea was simple: we had spent so many great evenings together talking to each other (and also to complete strangers) about subjects we were passionate about, and had learnt so much from each other (and from the strangers), that Al figured surely there could be a way of creating an environment in which anyone, no matter who they were or their background, could get together in an informal setting and share their passion and knowledge. Continue reading this article “How The Ragged Uni Idea Came About by Grant Crozier” »

Citizenship Education: The Value of Dialogue by Eileen Francis

The purpose of the Values Education Council UK is to help individuals to develop as responsible and caring persons and to live as participating members of a pluralist society.

The aim is to promote the study of values in education and develop the practice of values education. VEC UK seeks to achieve this aim by promoting dialogue about, and awareness of, values and their application in education and society. The VEC Executive encourages member organisations to work in partnership to achieve mutually-shared aims and objectives. Continue reading this article “Citizenship Education: The Value of Dialogue by Eileen Francis” »

Why Are We Here? By Adam Smyth

Empire magazine’s latest interview with director Ridley Scott about his new film ‘Prometheus’ forces us to return to perhaps the biggest question of our entire existence: Why are we here?

Before I write any feature no matter how varied it is I like to jot down the basic journalistic principles (who, what, when where, how and why) at the top of the page. This is so that I don’t become distracted by tangential thoughts that are fighting to be recognised in my article. With this Goliath question though, it’s hard not to deviate from off-shooting insights and reflections that bring real value to the table. Continue reading this article “Why Are We Here? By Adam Smyth” »