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The Next Ragged University Events:

15th September in Stills Gallery: Film Screening and Discussion of Orwell Rolls In His Grave

24th September in the Counting House: Ragged University: ‘Evolving for Girls’ plus ‘Power, People and Process; How We Make Decisions About What We Want For The City

26th September in Central Library: IT and Biscuits

27th September in Serenity Cafe: Film (This Film Is Not Yet Rated) and Curry Night



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Just Fest by Katherine Newbigging

Edinburgh has long been regarded as a city at peace and a peace-making city.  just Festival celebrates that peace is not just an absence in Edinburgh, but a presence.  Peace is not a fixed goal to be achieved and forgotten about but a complex process which has to be constantly worked on and reviewed by individuals, communities and nations.

However, Edinburgh is still home to, not only physical violence, but the violence of injustice, inequality, fear and mistrust.  It is increasingly clear that peace cannot exist in isolation, just because one individual or community is at peace does not mean that they will not be affected by another in conflict.  As modern technology and logistics make the world more connected it is becoming clearer that actions in one community can affect other, both positively and negatively.  With increasing mobility of peoples and cultures it can be seen that we live on a shared planet where we all share a responsibility for peace.  Making friends with your neighbour is a great way to start this process.

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Digital Innovation, Mindfulness and Existential Angst By Nadine Andrews

I am really interested in what I am beginning to think is a growing inability to relax into just being fully present with an experience without feeling the need or giving in to the urge to be actively doing something, like record it, which then mediates the direct experience.

This article about The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s asking attenders at their live gigs not to watch their performance through iPhones and iPads kind of sums it up. The comments are also fascinating and illuminating.

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