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4th December Edinburgh Ragged University: Come along to the Counting House at 7pm to listen to ‘One Brain, Two Languages: Bringing Up a Bilingual Child' by Madeleine Beveridge - plus - 'Dyslexia; What It Is And How It Has Affected Me' by Alex Dunedin....

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JUST Creative

JUST Creative

Jacob Cass and is the founder of Just Creative Design. On this website you will find his personal graphic design portfolio, as well as a blog on the main subject of graphic design which provides free graphic design tips, articles & resources on all subjects of design, ranging from, but not limited to; print design, logo design, web design, branding, typography, advertising & more.

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Inclusive Education

I have been thinking about the nature of education and having been familiar with the noble aspects of this tenet of human society, I have not thought much about the negatives which it can manifest as. Francis Bacon is often attributed with having said ‘Knowledge is Power’. Regardless of who first said this, what is obvious is that it has become common currency as a phrase.

There are various ways in which this can be interpreted but one I like, which is not so commonly encountered is ‘Knowledge is only power when it is shared’. It was Francis Benton who told me this when she kindly consulted on the Ragged project at it’s inception.

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Predictions and Experiments

A corroborated hypothesis is one that has passed its tests (i.e. one whose predictions have been verified). Consequently different scientists test the hypothesis. If further corroborated by subsequent tests, it becomes highly corroborated and is considered to become reliable knowledge. The technical name for this part of the scientific method is the “hypothetico-deductive method”.

The hypothetico-deductive method is named because one deduces the results of the predictions of the hypothesis and tests these deductions. Inductive reasoning, the alternative to deductive reasoning, was used earlier to help formulate the hypothesis. Both these types of reasoning are therefore used in science, and both must be used logically.

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The Production of Scarcity and Famine

We can all trade in the stocks, futures and derivatives markets these days by investing using the internet and stock trading software. I can go to my computer and use a browser to find any number of investment options. I can buy software which automatically buys and sells stocks for me, not knowing anything more about what I am investing in bar the fact that it has gone up in price or declined in price.

This kind of separation between the owner and the enterprise is known to bring about problems in the form of the Principal-Agent dilemma. The principal–agent problem comes about when one person, or entity, (the “agent”) is able to make decisions that impact another person or entity (the “principal”). It is thought of as a problem because sometimes the agent is motivated to act in their own best interests rather than those of the principal. Continue reading this article “The Production of Scarcity and Famine” »

Harmonisation: A Theory by Dan Zambas

I am outraged, apathetic, empowered, disenfranchised, cynical and optimistic. I am all of these things, contradictory feelings that are equal outcomes to a mindset that I doubt I experience alone; A product of the modern era and the human condition.

In my youth I believed that we were heading to a period of enlightenment, the information era. An era where at our fingertips we had access to the most beautiful theory and experience that humanity could possibly offer. That the pure infection of its positivity would overwhelm previously negative constructs and push us towards a direction that would see an end to the ‘evils’ in the world. Continue reading this article “Harmonisation: A Theory by Dan Zambas” »