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The Next Ragged University Events:

15th September in Stills Gallery: Film Screening and Discussion of Orwell Rolls In His Grave

24th September in the Counting House: Ragged University: ‘Evolving for Girls’ plus ‘Power, People and Process; How We Make Decisions About What We Want For The City

26th September in Central Library: IT and Biscuits

27th September in Serenity Cafe: Film (This Film Is Not Yet Rated) and Curry Night


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All Events Are Free And Open To Everyone - no booking required !

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The Medium is the Means: The Industrial-Educational Complex

Marshall McLuhan is very well known for developing communications theory, and is famously attributed with the expression “The medium is the message”, which speaks of the different affordances which each medium has for communicating information. Speaking has different affordances from writing, radio has different affordances from television, clay has different affordances from paint…

By affordances, it means the qualities and capabilities which the medium has. McLuhan’s work has stimulated a great deal of thinking about the unique abilities of a medium to convey information and ideas, and also the constraints which are inherent. Conversation with someone, for example, cannot travel across space and time in the way that the written word does. We have the privilege of reading the thoughts and ideas of people who lived thousands of years ago by reading what they wrote, however, we don’t have the ability to have a discussion with, say, Aristotle… Read more

Asperger Lifelong Learning by David Seagrave

In the light of my own experience I declare that lifelong learning is the only path we Aspies can take to lead us to any kind of uneasy coexistence with neurotypicals.  From available evidence my self-taught German brought about a change of state in my brain which led to taking up difficult hobby related challenges for the intrinsic joy of mastering anything difficult.

The more I practiced these techniques, the more, the exercise brought it s own reward. The fruits of my labours became almost incidental yet at the same time these models, photographs and literary works are SACRED OBJECTS. I have coined the word ENDEOFACT to denote any consequence of dedicated effort whether it be something one can handle or  a piece of music played, and supremely, loyal service, freely given.  Read more