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The Next Ragged University Events:

Edinburgh: 10th Oct 2015; Ragged Uni talk: Daddy’s Daughters and Sons; Perspectives on Male Factor Infertility Treatments and Trends by Dr Ruby Raheem

Manchester: 15th October at The Castle Hotel; Ragged University: ‘Thermodynamics’ plus ‘Non-Judgemental Language’


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All Events Are Free And Open To Everyone - no booking required !

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    Peer Review

    Take part in a project which explores medicine and science through participation. Peer review this work and join in the learning... More

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    Find free educational and social resources near to you in your landscape and suggest them for the map at the Free Education Network website... More

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    Human Rights

    Contribute to writing the Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities by explaining our rights by their corresponding responsibilities... More

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    Create your own online course with Community Open Online Courses - COOCs. Learn through teaching, share knowledge freely... More

We Fund

we fund

Wefund is a crowd-funding platform for creative projects. Wefund launched on 5th October 2010 as the first crowd-funding platform to emerge in the UK, focusing on creativity in all forms. We help people find (paying) audiences for their work.

By making patronage into a retail experience, we are creating a new generation of mini-patrons who realise their own collective power. It is our hope that you visit as a consumer, soon become a backer and before too long decide to become a creator yourself. Wefund was founded by Michael Troughton, a lawyer, in response to the new austere reality in arts funding in the UK.

In 2011, wefund won Website of the Year from the Good Web Guide and came second in the Tech Entrepreneurs investment competition. The founder of that competition, film financier, investor and entrepreneur, Martin Warner, joined the company soon after as Chairman.

How Financial Speculation is Artificially Inflating Staple Food Prices

In 2011 investments in food derivatives stood at $126 billion compared to $3 billion in 2003 (World Development Movement WDM, Retrieved from web 14/08/13,

The top three food commodities – wheat, rice and maize – are also the staple diet of the world’s billion poorest people (UN FAO, The State of Food and Agriculture 2010 – 2011; Retrieved from web 14/08/13, When massive, powerful investors start pouring money into food markets, prices start behaving in strange ways. One aspect of what investors are speculating on is the scarcity of the product, which in part defines it’s value in an open market.

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