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The Next Ragged University Event...

4th December Edinburgh Ragged University: Come along to the Counting House at 7pm to listen to ‘One Brain, Two Languages: Bringing Up a Bilingual Child' by Madeleine Beveridge - plus - 'Dyslexia; What It Is And How It Has Affected Me' by Alex Dunedin....

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Education and Training the Workforce: A Digest by Alex Dunedin

The scope of this subject is large; its subject matter a source of potential ambiguity, however this is no good reason not to try and explore one of the multiple functions of education… The distinction between education and training in the United Kingdom is periodically, and of late more frequently, pronounced obsolete, yet it persists with an energy that suggests strong ideological and political value.  It seems to have relevance both for people of different persuasion about what education should be and for those with an interest in the way education and training resources are allocated.

As to the ‘workforce’ – there are certainly ambiguities.  We might focus on the relative participation rates of women and men, economy-wide and by sectors, and on the decline of primary and manufacturing sectors in favour of the service sectors and information technology.  But today the unemployed are an unavoidable factor in almost any calculation to do with education and training as an investment.
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Music: The Broken Boy

The Broken Boy is an Edinburgh based singer-songwriter, who you may have met around town busking, or heard playing in one of the city’s many music-friendly pubs. He is currently working towards the release of his debut LP, On the Mend: Ready to Fly.

His music is soulful, yet still folk-like in its composition, and the acoustic instrumentation keeps the performance connected with the listener on a personal level. It is sewn around tales of loss, hope and joy, taking you on a journey from the despair of Katie, through the hope of Home into the light of Shine.

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Experiences of Food Poverty: Literature Review by Samuel Lindskog

This literature review sets out to explore some of the different discussions relevant to the subject of food poverty “in societies where systems for employment or welfare were thought sufficient to ensure universal food entitlement” (Dowler 1998:59), in other words, the industrialised global North, where food poverty is not a question of supply failure (Dowler and O’Connor 2011:45,47).

The review is arranged thematically and deals with the experience of food poverty in particular. Texts by government and charities have been limited to the UK, while some academic studies also look at other countries in the global North.

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The Plebs League in the NE of England 1908/1926 By Robert Turnbull B.A

The stated aim of the Ruskin rebels who included Noah Ablett of the South Wales Miners Federation and Ebby Edwards of the Northumberland Miners Association was to “Bring about a more satisfactory relationship between Ruskin and the wider Labour movement. Their motto was “Educate, agitate and organise”.

Their philosophy that of IWCE or Independent Working Class Education, or to put it another way an education that was perceived to be free from the pernicious influence of the bourgeoisie, and the leading educational institutions of the time. Continue reading this article “The Plebs League in the NE of England 1908/1926 By Robert Turnbull B.A” »

Podcast: David Greig Talks About W S Graham And His Poetry

WS Graham was a self taught poet from Greenock who left Scotland in his twenties to live in Cornwall where he spent the rest of his life.

“I became passionate to discover more about him and why he had been neglected both in his lifetime and to a degree still now. The neglect of his work is particularly painful in Scotland where Hugh Macdiarmid’s school of politics and scots language work sidelined Graham.” Here David Greig talks about this great poet and how he has influenced his work over time…. Continue reading this article “Podcast: David Greig Talks About W S Graham And His Poetry” »