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The Next Ragged University Event...

13th November Edinburgh Ragged University: Come along to the Counting House at 7pm to listen to ‘3D Printing: no-hype, promise, just extraordinary art and design!’ by Ann Marie Shillito - plus - 'Cerebral Diabetes and the Reversal of the Flynn Effect' by Mike McInnes....

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NASOV You, Me, Seagulls and the Sea

I really wish we had caught more from Francesco Bordo but the good news is we caught the last song You, Me, Seaguls and the Sea a beautiful chilled song you’ll love and like me wish we’d got more. Check it out You can, however, get more of his music on BandCamp Interview with Francesco Bordo […]

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Facilitating Rather Than Prescribing: The Outcome Of Measuring

In trying to get support and resources for the activities which the Ragged project is about, and in trying to find a formal structure so the organisation itself can apply for traditional means of funding, there have been a number of problems encountered.  This blog post is touches on some of the themes which recurr. Along the road, there have been crossroads where the questions get raised – “What Now ?” – Do we change the direction or way we do things to fit the prevailing culture, or do we stick to the principles we designed the initiative around ?

Every organisation or group goes through critical moments as it gets older, more experienced and evolves.  One of the issues which has arisen is about the way the project is organised and structured as well as how it fits with funding models which dominate the landscape.

In my humble opinion, clunky funding models have invaded every given space like a Japanese Knotweed which is hard to escape and which strangles the small initiatives which we need for diverse social, cultural and educational landscapes. Am I allowed to say this ?

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A Bitesize History of The Ragged University

Where it started ?….  The whole thing crystalised around a table in Stoke Newington in London.  I had been asked to help out the Street Performers Community Organisation with sorting out their office.  James Tonner and Roy Gurvitz had been thinking about doing a festival in Hackney Marshes.

The question was asked what would be a good thing to do which was interesting, fun and brought people together.  Around that table three other friends agreed on the idea and after some background work, I left to set it up in Glasgow whilst Jes Haley, Grant Crozier, and Will Bentinck did the first events at the Palatine Bar in Dalston. Continue reading this article “A Bitesize History of The Ragged University” »

Great Educator: Thomas Guthrie and the Ragged Schools

Thomas Guthrie was born in Brechin on 12th July, 1803.  His ancestors had been farmers in the county of Angus.  The 12th child and 6th son of David Guthrie and Clementina Cay, his father was a merchant and banker in Arbroath and would become Provost of that city.

The first school Thomas attended was in a weaver’s shop where Jamie Stewart, the weaver, taught him and some half dozen other boys their letter, all the while industriously plying the shuttle.  He later moved on to a school where he was taught by Dr Thomas McCrie, leader of the Original Secession Church where the young Thomas undoubtedly absorbed early impression of the seceder movement.

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We Fund

we fund

Wefund is a crowd-funding platform for creative projects. Wefund launched on 5th October 2010 as the first crowd-funding platform to emerge in the UK, focusing on creativity in all forms. We help people find (paying) audiences for their work.

By making patronage into a retail experience, we are creating a new generation of mini-patrons who realise their own collective power. It is our hope that you visit as a consumer, soon become a backer and before too long decide to become a creator yourself. Wefund was founded by Michael Troughton, a lawyer, in response to the new austere reality in arts funding in the UK.

In 2011, wefund won Website of the Year from the Good Web Guide and came second in the Tech Entrepreneurs investment competition. The founder of that competition, film financier, investor and entrepreneur, Martin Warner, joined the company soon after as Chairman.

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