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The Next Ragged University Events...

11th September Edinburgh Ragged University: Come along to the Counting House at 7pm to hear ‘A Different Kind Of Revolution' by Ciaran Healy - plus - ‘How Accents Work’ By Lauren Hall-Lew....

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9th October Edinburgh Ragged University: Come along to the Counting House at 7pm to hear ‘Slow Leadership; Reframing Your Leadership Behaviour' by Don Ledingham - plus - ‘Welcome to the Mid-life Revolution' by Andy Ferguson....

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16th October Manchester Ragged University: Come along to the Castle Hotel at 7pm to listen to Simon Ward talk about '‘The Ragged Schools of Angel Meadow' - plus - 'Exploring the Dream of the Earth; my first person inquiry of discovery and understanding' by Helena Kettleborough....

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Institute of Fundraising

insitute of fundraising

In 2011 the Institute of Fundraising secured funding from the Office for Civil Society to support small charities to fundraise more effectively.  The three year project supports small and localised organisations at grassroots level with an annual income of £1 million or less.

The project also works with groups supporting marginalised, vulnerable and socially excluded individuals to support them develop their fundraising career.

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Observation and Empiricism by Alex Dunedin

The first observations could be data obtained from the library or information from your own experience.

Another source of observations could be from trial experiments or past experiments.  These observations, and all that follow, must be empirical in nature – that is, they must be sensible, measurable, and repeatable, so that others can make the same observations. Continue reading “Observation and Empiricism by Alex Dunedin” »

Early Learning HQ

early learning HQ

Early Learning HQ is a division of 21st Century Print, a printing and design company based in Swansea in the UK. With the help of several experienced early years practitioners we have designed hundreds of foundation stage / phase and key stage one resources that are all free to download. We created these resources in order to assist early years practitioners and to inspire and educate the children whom they teach.

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Our mission at Brightstorm is to be the best place to learn in the world. We believe that great learning starts with great teaching. So, we find the best teachers, film them teaching, and build learning solutions around those great teacher videos.  Our current solutions target the high-school age curriculum, including Math, Science, SAT, ACT and AP subjects.

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The state of being objective is to correctly represent reality. The term “reality” however can lack clarity. Science is a methodological attempt to resolve truths from ambiguity.

Empirical evidence based upon observations and experimentation in the physical world is conducive to the verification of scientific judgments. Adherence to the rules of deduction and the process of inductive reasoning implements the validity and soundness of scientific arguments and conclusions. Continue reading “Objectivity” »

Finding a Way to Participate by Alex Dunedin

I was invited to write an opinion piece for the Journal of Perspectives in Applied Academic Practice by Keith Smyth not so long ago.  This was unusual in a number of ways, but most particularly because of the warm invitation to take part in the life of an institution as an outsider, and secondly because even though I lack formal qualifications I was being valued by the academic community.

To me it is a message of hope that new winds are ushering in new ways for everyone to participate in the intellectual life – of which we are all a part, but not all recognised… The Journal of Perspectives in Applied Academic Practice aims to provide a supportive publishing outlet to allow established and particularly new authors to contribute to the scholarly discourse of academic practice. Long may it last… Continue reading “Finding a Way to Participate by Alex Dunedin” »