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The Next Ragged University Events:

15th September in Stills Gallery: Film Screening and Discussion of Orwell Rolls In His Grave

24th September in the Counting House: Ragged University: ‘Evolving for Girls’ plus ‘Power, People and Process; How We Make Decisions About What We Want For The City

26th September in Central Library: IT and Biscuits

27th September in Serenity Cafe: Film (This Film Is Not Yet Rated) and Curry Night


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All Events Are Free And Open To Everyone - no booking required !

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Overview: A Social and Environmental Philosophy by Kenneth Wilson

This is the work of Kenneth Wilson B.Sc.(Edin.); a thesis presented in 1998 for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Aberdeen. It is published in sections on the Ragged University website, and this is the overview.

This thesis addresses the crisis of modernity by examining three inter-related concepts, namely, action, rationality and mediation. Part One on action examines three often neglected aspects of human agency. The first of these is the agent’s relationship with the biosphere or environment. Against a tendency to see the agent as isolated from the biosphere it is argued that he or she is inextricably dependent on it. Read more

Stories Of A Poacher: Bob In His Mid Twenties by Bob Redwater

We kept any pheasants or partridges and hare but got fed up of eating rabbits however they were cooked. I made pate with the livers. Rabbits were my mainstay and I traded them with the local butcher for a selection of butcher meat, eggs and tomatoes. He gave me a generous exchange rate and I went home with a bag of meat and no rabbits that I had to skin.

Read more