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The Next Ragged University Events:

Edinburgh: 26th November; Come along to the Blind Poet pub: ‘Im Not A Designer. Am I ?’ plus ‘Multiple Sclerosis; Scotlands Disease’

Edinburgh: 28th November; Come along to the Central Library: IT and Biscuits

Edinburgh: 29th November; Come along to Serenity Cafe: Film and Curry Night

Edinburgh: 7th December; Come along to the Blind Poet pub: ‘Introduction to Jazz 'plus' Live music from Sukh'


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All Events Are Free And Open To Everyone - no booking required !

Information Inequalities and Cultural Life

This piece of writing came about through being asked by Dr Drew Whitworth to present at University of Manchester Policy Week on Information Inequalities.   The Ragged University started as a project to foster existing communities and improve people’s lives by bringing people together around knowledge building. It occurred that there was a need to be met beyond the formal spaces, not as an alternative, but as a complement to them which belonged and was shaped by the community which participated in the knowledge sharing.

Rather than taking an organisational route which involved administrating interpersonal interactions, and forms of bureaucracy which had a formalising influence on the social activities, the Ragged project aimed to authentically reflect the needs of the community without the creation of an administrative superstructure. Read more

Ragged University Events Are Free Events

All the Ragged University events are free and open to everyone. With the project model having been tested and critiqued widely, Ragged University is now moving forward to explore how many positives can come from doing something so straight forward as open learning events where people talk in social spaces.  Much well intentioned comment has come with the perspective that Ragged should charge for the events, even if just a token amount.

Well, this is not something which is going to happen as it would change the model in a fundamental way.

Read more