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The Next Ragged University Event...

13th November Edinburgh Ragged University: Come along to the Counting House at 7pm to listen to ‘3D Printing: no-hype, promise, just extraordinary art and design!’ by Ann Marie Shillito - plus - 'Cerebral Diabetes and the Reversal of the Flynn Effect' by Mike McInnes....

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Harvard Open Courses


The Extension School ‘a cornerstone of Harvard University for a century’ represents the University’s dedication to extending its rich academic resources to the public, locally, nationally, and internationally.  The following noncredit free Harvard courses are offered online by Harvard Extension School’s Open Learning Initiative. Featuring Harvard faculty, the courses are open to the public.

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What Are Futures and Derivatives

A ‘Future’ is an agreed contract for the sale or purchase of an asset, currency or commodity at a future date. This financial instrument came about to provide a kind of insurance to the producers so that they did not go out of business when there might be a poor harvest, for example.

After intense lobbying, the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission relaxed the rules surrounding the market in 1999. Banks such as Barclays, Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan, could now hold as large a ‘position’ in food futures as they liked. Previously they could not. A traders ‘position’ is the balance of (long futures contracts) ‘promises to buy’ minus ‘promises to sell (short contracts). Continue reading this article “What Are Futures and Derivatives” »

Alcohol: How To Remember Not To Forget by Alex Dunedin

This article is all about alcohol, why it causes memory loss and how to prevent this happening when you do drink it.

Alcohols are a family of compounds which contain a hydroxyl group (-OH) [1]. If we are talking about the alcohol which is commonly drunk by people as a beverage, we are talking about ethanol: CH3-CH2-OH.  The hydroxyl group on the end of the carbon chain makes it an alcohol.  When trying to conceive of chemistry it helps to think of lego – all matter is accountable so we can always count and track all the atoms in chemical reactions. Continue reading this article “Alcohol: How To Remember Not To Forget by Alex Dunedin” »

The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education

The online Resource Center is a comprehensive source of information on sustainability in higher education. It provides administrators, faculty, operations staff, students, and other campus stakeholders with the tools, information and guidance they need to lead the sustainability transformation. Member dues are the chief source of funding for developing and maintaining these resources.

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Education and It’s Relationship With Change by Alex Dunedin

“The challenges of ensuring that we pass on a world fit to live in (from an environmental perspective) will require, arguably, significant transformations in the ways in which we live. To what extent can government facilitate those changes through its current systems/structures?” Susan Brown, University of Manchester

Change is ubiquitous and relentless, forcing itself on us at each turn. The secret of growth and development is learning how to contend with forces of change using methodologies which turn positive forces to our advantage, while blunting negative ones.  The future of the world is a learning future; one were learning is synonymous with adaptation and evolution. Continue reading this article “Education and It’s Relationship With Change by Alex Dunedin” »