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The Next Ragged University Events:

Manchester: 20th April Come along to Gulliver's to listen to two talks on: Lost Avant Gardes

Edinburgh: 25th April Come along to Central Library to ask all your computer related questions: IT and Biscuits

Edinburgh: 26th April Come along to Serenity Cafe, relax and put your feet up for: A Film and Curry Night

Edinburgh: 30th April Come along to The Counting House to two talks on: Syndicalism plus Chakras

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All Events Are Free And Open To Everyone - no booking required !

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    Peer Review

    Take part in a project which explores medicine and science through participation. Peer review this work and join in the learning... More

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    Find free educational and social resources near to you in your landscape and suggest them for the map at the Free Education Network website... More

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    Human Rights

    Contribute to writing the Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities by explaining our rights by their corresponding responsibilities... More

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    Create your own online course with Community Open Online Courses - COOCs. Learn through teaching, share knowledge freely... More

How Hard it is to Make Policy

In helping bring together the Ragged University I have been working with lots of people who are keen to make a success of this as an inclusive education project. In day to day life we meet and interact with many people and human relationships are always complex.

I mean complex in the sense that even the smallest moments of speaking, working or interacting with others, involve countless and immeasurable factors which feed into the exchange and outcomes. This I think is why other people enrich our lives so much, fascinate us, and consistently educate us.
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Why The Naxi Buried Their Instruments by Makmed the Miller

It was a beautiful autumnal evening in the absolutely delightful old town of Lijiang, in Yunnan province, South West China not too far from Tibet. In the town square next to the little bridge there was music and dancing. About two dozen old ladies were stepping out in an ancient circle dance.

The music was simple but the movements had a cunning little jig in the step which made it even more seductive. It wasn’t long before I had joined in and we hopped and skipped ecstatically around the circle in the square. The music was hypnotic. Read more