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Live Music In Edinburgh Throughout July: Ragged University has teamed up with Edinburgh Fringe Live to bring you 26 live music acts over the month of July on the Peartree Garden Stage. Come Along, enjoy the sun with some music....

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12th August Edinburgh Ragged University: Come along to the Central Library in the George Washington Browne room, one floor down on the Mezzanine level at 5pm to hear ‘Plebs’: the Ruskin College Strike of 1909 by Colin Waugh - plus - 'Left for the Rising Sun. Right for Swan Hunter. The Plebs League in the North East of England 1908/1926' by Robert Clive Turnbull....

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University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is a public research university located in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom. It is the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world (after the University of Oxford), and the third-oldest surviving university in the world. In post-nominals the university’s name is abbreviated as Cantab, a shortened form of Cantabrigiensis. It is considered to be one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in the world.

The institute grew out of an association of scholars that was formed in 1209, early records suggest, by scholars leaving Oxford after a dispute with townsfolk. The two “ancient universities” have many common features and are often jointly referred to as Oxbridge. Today, Cambridge is a collegiate university with 31 colleges and six academic schools. All these university institutions occupy different locations in the town including purposely-built sites and the student life thrives with numerous opportunities in the arts, sport clubs and societies. Cambridge is also a member of a myriad of academic associations and forms part of the ‘golden triangle’ of British universities. A total of 89 Nobel Prizes winners are affiliates of the university.

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Music: NASOV

NASOV is Francesco Bordo, from Italy, singing around the classic topics of folk music, such as mammals, vegetables, body secretions.

He lived in London for four years, where he got inspired by the fresh air and the relaxedness of people. He’s now based in Naples, where he keeps on writing even whilst washing the dishes. Actually, especially whilst washing the dishes. You can find all the NASOV stuff you’ve always dreamt of on:

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Podcast: Healthy Living in Edinburgh by Tracy Griffen

Tracy Griffen Fitness

Tracy Griffen is a Leith-based Personal Trainer and author of the Healthy Living Yearbook. In this lively and interactive talk, she gives lots of ideas in keep in tip top shape over the colder months before a question and answer session to complete the talk.

This is the podcast of Prof Ray Miller introducing the Ragged University along with Marie Imelda introducing Tracy Griffen:


Ray Miller and Marie Imelda introduce Ragged University Tracy Griffen talks about Healthy Living by Raggeduniversity on Mixcloud

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The Great Gatsby suggested by Steve Tilley

Great Gatsby

As part of the Ragged Library, Steve Tilley – Honorary Fellow; School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh suggested The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald…

The book I have settled on to recommend for the Ragged Library is much in the public eye just now. F Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby is the source of a film just released, and topic for lit pundits on radio and TV. I  read it  in 1968 for a course on American novels – part of a degree in American Civilization*.

I recall my strongest response then was to  the  book’s  boundaries – a short poem, an ending; then, as now, touchstones for my feeling and thinking (in that order)

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