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The Next Ragged University Events:

15th September in Stills Gallery: Film Screening and Discussion of Orwell Rolls In His Grave

24th September in the Counting House: Ragged University: ‘Evolving for Girls’ plus ‘Power, People and Process; How We Make Decisions About What We Want For The City

26th September in Central Library: IT and Biscuits

27th September in Serenity Cafe: Film (This Film Is Not Yet Rated) and Curry Night



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Philosophy of Education: An Anthology was suggested by Keith Smyth

Philosophy of Education

As part of the Ragged Library, Keith Smyth, Senior Lecturer in Higher Education at Edinburgh Napier University suggested ‘Philosophy of Education: An Anthology. Curren, R. (Ed.) (2007) Oxford: Blackwell.’…


Within any discipline area the published anthology is a notoriously difficult prospect. Striking the balance between breadth of coverage and depth of exploration for those who are new to a particular field of knowledge, while at the same time also offering a reference text of value to those who are more experienced scholars or practitioners, would seem an uneasy undertaking.

Thankfully the Philosophy of Education strikes this balance perfectly, offering a topical and comprehensive volume that will successfully guide the reader – whether a student of education, an educator, or an individual with an avid interest in education in the broadest sense – in exploring the philosophies, theorists, and concepts that have shaped educational thought, research and practice, and which have been fundamental to the development of the field.

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Road to Wigan Pier was suggested by Dr Joel Lazarus

ad to wigan pier

As part of the Ragged Library, Dr Joel Lazarus, Lecturer in International Relations, University College, University of Oxford suggested ‘Road to Wigan Pier by George Orwell’…


My book recommendation for the Ragged Library is George Orwell’s ‘Road to Wigan Pier’. The second half of the book, in particular, where he expounds about socialism, fascism, and class is not only hugely insightful, eloquent, and prescient, but resonates all too well with our current experiences in Europe today.