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The Next Ragged University Event...

13th November Edinburgh Ragged University: Come along to the Counting House at 7pm to listen to ‘3D Printing: no-hype, promise, just extraordinary art and design!’ by Ann Marie Shillito - plus - 'Cerebral Diabetes and the Reversal of the Flynn Effect' by Mike McInnes....

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Music: Houndog Fraser & Rock Hunter

 We are a blues harp and guitar duo who play a mix of our originals and good old standards , all good time , foot stomping , whisky drinking blues.

Houndog and Rock met back stage between sets when they were playing at the 2007 Burnley Blues Festival for the Groovecats and the Blues Devils respectively. 6 years passed before they met again at a gig in 2013. Continue reading this article “Music: Houndog Fraser & Rock Hunter” »

Ethnocentrism and Country of Origin Effects: Ethnocentrism and Consumers by Doreen Soutar

This literature review is divided into three main sections: This section looks at The Country of Origin (COO) Effect…

Shankarmahesh (2006) suggested that ethnocentrism can be the result of a combination of four issues: socio-psychological, economic, political and socio-demographic.

Socio-demographic issues

Erdogan & Uzkurt (2010) found that ethnocentrism varies with socio-demographic and biological variations, such as gender, age, education, and income. They also discovered that individuals who tend to be less ethnocentric in general tend to have more favourable attitudes, beliefs and intentions towards foreign products. Watson & Wright (2000) suggest that older, female, less wealthy and less educated individuals are more likely to be ethnocentric, and the opposite is also the case. Continue reading this article “Ethnocentrism and Country of Origin Effects: Ethnocentrism and Consumers by Doreen Soutar” »

Music: Kinaesthetic

Kinaesthetic are a Manchester based trio who have predominantly spent their time in the studio, but are branching out to play an acoustic set for this, their debut live performance.

Kinaesthetic are:

  • Dan Zambas … Keyboards & Guitar
  • Gary Boast … Drums & Sound Engineering
  • Hannah Cotterill … Vocals & Lyric

Through our music we aim to take listeners on a musical journey, sharing experiences, emotions and thoughts.
Take us into your world…

Continue reading this article “Music: Kinaesthetic” »

Deinstitutionalising Society: Individual and Institution

It is important to raise the general question of the mutual definition of human nature and the nature of institutions which characterizes our world view and language.  Here Umberto Eco’s anthropological analysis suggests that if the term ‘culture’ is accepted in its correct anthropological sense, then we are immediately confronted with four elementary cultural phenomena.  Not only are they the consistent phenomena of every culture but they have been singled out as the objects of various semi-anthropological studies in order to show that the whole of culture is signification and communication.

Humanity and society exist only when communicative and significative relationships are established. In semiotics, a sign is “something that stands for something, to someone in some capacity”.  It may be understood as a discrete unit of meaning, and includes words, images, gestures, scents, tastes, textures, sounds – essentially all of the ways in which information can be communicated as a message by any sentient, reasoning mind to another. Continue reading this article “Deinstitutionalising Society: Individual and Institution” »

Just Fest by Katherine Newbigging

Edinburgh has long been regarded as a city at peace and a peace-making city.  just Festival celebrates that peace is not just an absence in Edinburgh, but a presence.  Peace is not a fixed goal to be achieved and forgotten about but a complex process which has to be constantly worked on and reviewed by individuals, communities and nations.

However, Edinburgh is still home to, not only physical violence, but the violence of injustice, inequality, fear and mistrust.  It is increasingly clear that peace cannot exist in isolation, just because one individual or community is at peace does not mean that they will not be affected by another in conflict.  As modern technology and logistics make the world more connected it is becoming clearer that actions in one community can affect other, both positively and negatively.  With increasing mobility of peoples and cultures it can be seen that we live on a shared planet where we all share a responsibility for peace.  Making friends with your neighbour is a great way to start this process.

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