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The Next Ragged University Events:

Edinburgh: 18th August Come along to Leith Beer Company at 7.30pm: ‘Genghis Khan’ plus ‘Independent Working Class Education'

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    Peer Review

    Take part in a project which explores medicine and science through participation. Peer review this work and join in the learning... More

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    Find free educational and social resources near to you in your landscape and suggest them for the map at the Free Education Network website... More

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    Human Rights

    Contribute to writing the Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities by explaining our rights by their corresponding responsibilities... More

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    Create your own online course with Community Open Online Courses - COOCs. Learn through teaching, share knowledge freely... More

Podcast: Professor Beverley Skeggs talks about Exploitation, Domination, Dispossession and Devaluation

Professor Beverley Skeggs talks about Exploitation, Domination, Dispossession and Devaluation. She worked at the Worcester College of Higher Education and the Universities of Keele, York, Lancaster and Manchester before joining the Department of Sociology at Goldsmiths. She has also worked in the areas of Women’s Studies and Cultural Studies as well as Sociology.

Her research interests look at the issue of value and values. How do we know what value and values are? What do they do? The study of value/s has led her through issues of respectability in class and gender formation, an exploration of symbolic value through media and cultural formations.  She uses feminist and post structuralist theory, Pierre Bourdieu and the economic abstractions of Marx, to help unpick these issues. Read more

Music: Three Days From Retirement

We are THREE DAYS FROM RETIREMENT and we are an instrumental/post-rock band from Edinburgh.

We started back in late 2012 when myself Matthew McGhie and good friend and guitarist Matthew Floody decided to start the band and come up with the name. In the starting process I recruited another 2 good friends who I played with in my two previous bands. They were guitarist Joe Warnock and Chris Jones who played drums. Read more